Welcome To Connor Mothers' Union
Mothers' union in Connor Diocese has over 1100 members in 48 branches. There are 6 areas each with an area chairman. The diocese stretches from Ballycastle to Lisburn. The Diocesan President, Valerie Ash, is supported by the Diocesan Trustees. Members actively support projects locally and worldwide.

A Word From Our Bishop & Diocesan President
Diocesan President

Welcome to Connor Mothers' Union updated website. Thank you for visiting it! We want to share what is happening in Mothers' Union not only in the 48 branches in Connor but also in the 83 countries worldwide. Being informed about the work of Mothers' Union might encourage you to find out more about us, we always welcome new members, please use the links to other Mothers' Union sites. We hope you find the site interesting.

Valerie Ash
The Rt Rev Alan Abernethy Bishop of Connor

It is my delight to welcome you to the Connor Mothers’ Union Website. This is an exciting and new initiative that will help the Mothers’ Union share their stories and help people discover more of their excellent work and ministry.

Alan +