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The Diocese of Connor stretches from Lisburn to the north coast of Antrim. There are 45 branches of Mothers’ Union in the diocese in which members actively support projects locally and worldwide.  The members are led by the Diocesan President, Sally Cotter, who is supported by the Diocesan Trustees.

Sally Cotter

Thank you for visiting Connor MU website. Mothers’ Union is a wonderful organisation and I am sure you will find our site interesting and informative. Do use the links to other MU sites to find more about our work and witness both locally and worldwide.


Mothers’ Union is a global, women-led volunteer movement. United in our diversity and living out our faith, we support individuals and families to transform their lives. Embedded in the Church and community, we have an unprecedented reach that gives a voice to stigmatised and vulnerable around the world.

We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord.

God's power is seen in the Pentecost story - the gift of tongues in Acts 2 is a sign that God’s word is no longer limited to one people or one language but is now available to all people everywhere.

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Connor Mothers' Union

Midday Prayers - Saturday 30 May 2020 ...

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Prayer request from Rwanda ...

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