On behalf of A&O Unit Projects Contact Rae Scott, may I bring to your attention some information about delivering items within the Belfast and Northern Trust Areas.

All donated items for the Belfast Trust are to be taken to The Hall, Knockbracken, Saintfield Road, due to the present pandemic.  Please contact KATE – Monday to Wednesday at 028 9504 3516, and TERRY – Thursday to Friday at 028 9504 5257. Someone will meet the person delivering at The Hall which is signposted.

There are new protocols in place during Covid-19 for delivery of items to Northern Trust – Branches please select one person to make contact with Nursing Admin Team at either Antrim Area Hospital – Tel: 028 9442 4000 or Causeway Hospital – Tel: 028 7032 7032 and organise a date and time for drop off, someone will come along and collect the items from the boot of the car.