Wave of Prayer

Mothers’ Union expresses its Christian identity through its life of prayer and worship. It is this spiritual life together which underpins our work with families and communities. Every day a wave of prayer goes around the world as members stop and pray in the middle of the day to pray for the work of Mothers’ Union and international issues. These daily prayers follow an annual pattern which means that every Mothers’ Union region is prayed for at least once during the year. 

Please join us in prayer for Mothers’ Union’s work around the world. Below is a calendar for this month with the places we are asking for prayers for. 

Lord, we pray for the flourishing of Mothers’ Union worldwide. Today we pray for the people and work of:


1 Mothers’ Union worldwide

2 – 4 Matlosane in South Africa; Mumias in Kenya; Eha-Amufu in Nigeria; Ballarat in Australia; Niagara in Canada and North Kerala in India

5 – 7 Botswana; Marsabit in Kenya; Idah & Jebba in Nigeria; Salisbury in England and Andaman & Car Nicobar Islands in India

8 Mothers’ Union worldwide

9 – 11 Lainya in South Sudan; Ankole in Uganda; Abuja & Lagos-West in Nigeria; Lichfield in England and Karnataka North in India

12 – 14 Matana in Burundi; South Ankole in Uganda; Morogoro in Tanzania; Ohaji/Egbema in Nigeria; New Westminster in Canada and Dornakal in India

15 Mothers’ Union worldwide

16 – 18 Bentiu in South Sudan; Bunyoro Kitara in Uganda; Okigwe-North & Omu-  Aran in Nigeria; Kilmore, Elphin & Ardagh in All Ireland and Krishna-Godavari in India

19 – 21 Free State in South Africa; Bondo in Kenya; Ogbia & Offa in Nigeria; Swansea & Brecon in Wales and Argentina

22 Mothers’ Union worldwide

23 – 25 Wau in South Sudan; Kigeme in Rwanda; Bauchi in Nigeria; St David’s in Wales and Mandalay in Myanmar

26 – 28 Mundri in South Sudan; Madi & West Nile in Uganda; Isikwuatu in Nigeria; Chichester in England and Seoul in South Korea

29 Mothers’ Union worldwide


Mothers’ Union worldwide

2 – 4  Yei in South Sudan; Luweero in Uganda; On the Lake in Nigeria; Grafton in Australia; Armagh in All Ireland and South Kerala in India

5 – 7  Bujumbura in Burundi; Maseno South in Kenya; Ihiala in Nigeria; Cameroon; Calgary in Canada and Ysabel in Solomon Islands

Mothers’ Union worldwide

9 – 11  Awerial in South Sudan; Mityana in Uganda; Uyo & Ajayi Crowther in Nigeria; Rupert’s Land in Canada and Patna in India

12 – 14  Port Elizabeth in South Africa; West Ankole in Uganda; Nomadic Mission & Ekiti-Kwara in Nigeria; Worcester in England and the Episcopal Church of the Philippines

15  Mothers’ Union worldwide

16 – 18  Kajo-Keji in South Sudan; Tarime in Tanzania; Dutse & Akoko-Edo in Nigeria and Canterbury in England

19 – 21  Antisiranana in Madagascar; Busoga in Uganda; Yola & Oke-Ogun in Nigeria; Algoma in Canada and Jabalpur in India

22  Mothers’ Union worldwide

23 – 25  Rokon in South Sudan; Kampala in Uganda; Kaduna in Nigeria; Koforidua in Ghana; Brisbane in Australia and Peru

26 – 28  Central Zambia in Zambia; Southern Highlands in Tanzania; Ogbaru & Badagry in Nigeria; Bermuda and Chandigarh in India

29  Mothers’ Union worldwide

30 – 31  Toamasina in Madagascar; Mukono in Uganda; Ikwerre & Ife East in Nigeria; Down & Dromore in All Ireland and Delhi in India