Wave of Prayer

Mothers’ Union expresses its Christian identity through its life of prayer and worship. It is this spiritual life together which underpins our work with families and communities. Every day a wave of prayer goes around the world as members stop and pray in the middle of the day to pray for the work of the Mothers’ Union and international issues. These daily prayers follow an annual pattern which means that every Mothers’ Union region is prayed for at least once during the year. 

Please join us in prayer for the Mothers’ Union’s work around the world. Below is a calendar for the current month with the places we are asking for prayers for. 

Lord, we pray for the flourishing of Mothers’ Union worldwide. Today we pray for the people and work of:


1 Boga in DR Congo; Manicaland in Zimbabwe; Tanga in Tanzania; Ogoni in Nigeria; Carlisle in England and Melbourne in Australia

2 Mothers’ Union worldwide

3 – 5 Juba in South Sudan; Kitale in Kenya; Minna & Lagos in Nigeria; Moray, Ross & Caithness in Scotland; Madurai-Ramnad in India

6 – 8 Northern Malawi in Malawi; Eldoret in Kenya; Ngbo & Akure in Nigeria; North West Australia in Australia and Aipo Rongo in Papua New Guinea

9 Mothers’ Union worldwide

10 – 12 Niassa in Mozambique; Masindi Kitara in Uganda; Langtang & Esan in Nigeria; North Queensland in Australia and Kolhapur in India

13 – 15 Natal in South Africa; Kajiado in Kenya; Okigwe & Western Izon in Nigeria; Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island in Canada and Toungoo in Myanmar

16 Mothers’ Union worldwide

17– 19 Kasai in DR Congo; Shyira in Rwanda; Ijumu & Egba West in Nigeria; Liverpool in England and Sambalpur in India

20 – 22 Central Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe; Lango in Uganda; Kebbi in Nigeria; Tamale in Ghana; Sheffield in England and Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands

23 Mothers’ Union worldwide

24 – 26 Saldanha Bay in South Africa; Karamoja in Uganda; Udi & Etsako in Nigeria; Wellington in New Zealand; Yangon in Myanmar

27 – 29 Matabeleland in Zimbabwe; Mount Kenya Central in Kenya; Niger West in Nigeria; Wangaratta in Australia; Clogher in All Ireland and Hpa-An in Myanmar

30 Mothers’ Union worldwide

31 Harare in Zimbabwe; Machakos in Kenya; Ogori-Magongo & Ekiti in Nigeria; Southwark in England and Phulbani in India

Final Blessing

May God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, bring transformation to our lives, then use us to bring transformation in his world. Amen