Annual Prayer Diary 2021

In the Annual Prayer Diary, we publish the Wave of Prayer along with a daily prayer diary. Prayer is central to our work as Mothers’ Union and this expression of commitment allow us to support families and projects around the globe.

Also included in these publications are updates from our zones and a membership map.


Connected, Mothers’ Union’s new membership magazine is now available online (see below). Please do send your feedback about what you think of the magazine to

Covid-19 Grief & Bereavement Support Booklet

A booklet was prepared by the Public Health Agency in NI which they have prepared especially to help those who are affected by death as a result of Covid-19.


An All-Ireland Mothers’ Union Publication.

In Touch

The Connor Diocesan Mothers’ Union magazine.

Local Spin

Information on social policy issues in the news in both Northern and Southern Ireland.