Web Links

The official Facebook page for Connor Mothers’ Union. On our Facebook page, you can keep up to date with the latest developments within our Branches.

Mothers’ Union All Ireland

The official Website for All Ireland Mothers’ Union. By visiting this webpage you can follow what is happening across Ireland in the Mothers’ Union.

Mothers’ Union Worldwide

The official Website for Mothers’ Union across the world. Here you can find out as a member how to:

Strengthen communities all over the world
Help the most disadvantaged at home
Shape how we advocate for the rights of families
Build supportive, loving relationships
Develop your own relationship with God

Connor Anglican Diocese

The official Website for Connor Diocese. Keep up to date with what is happening in the Diocese. If you are new to the Diocese why not visit to locate your local Church of Ireland Parish.

Church of Ireland

This is the official website for the Church of Ireland. This website contains information you may require as a member of the Church of Ireland.

MU Enterprises Ltd

MU Enterprises Ltd (MUe) is the trading company of the Mothers’ Union. Its purpose is to make a tax-efficient profit for the Mothers’ Union whilst working to promote and support our objectives and programmes around the world. Through this commercial outlet we sell ethically sourced goods and Mothers’ Union branded merchandise.