Downloadable Files

Comfort Pack Information

In December, Action & Outreach VP Alison launched a new project – Comfort Packs for relatives of patients in palliative care in hospital.  Please download the document above for full details of how your branch can support this project.

Covid Reconnecting Leaflet

Reconnecting Leaflet offering support and guidance for re-opening branches etc.

Faith & Policy Resources

The following resources shared from our Faith & Policy Unit some of which were developed by fellow members in Canada and could be used as a branch activity on either Zoom or WhatsApp:

International Anglican Women’s Network (IAWN)

Why not download a copy of the latest International Anglican Women’s Network (IAWN) Newsletter.  This edition shares stories of incredible people bringing hope to others across the world.  From Botswana to England and across the whole Communion, these are stories of lives being transformed and hope triumphing over despair. 

Membership Form

The membership form should be completed by all new members joining a Mothers’ Union Branch, it should also be completed by existing members who need to update their details. In both instances, they should be returned to the Branch Chair.

Midday Prayers Postcard

Printable instruction postcards to enable members to listen to Midday Prayers using their home telephone.

Parent/Guardian Permission to use Images Form.

Printable Permission to use Images form. This form should be completed by the parent/guardian of any child who is going to be involved in any photographs, video or audio footage that may be used by Mothers’ Union and/or local press, both in print and online.

Plastic Bag Warning Labels

Printable plastic bag warning labels. These are set up for printing onto a sheet of 21 labels (3×7) or can be printed on plain paper and attached to the plastic bags.

Prayer Cards

Prayer cards to be included with comfort packs/emergency wash bags and hospital handknits.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment form should be completed for all events/meetings outside of a regular Branch meeting.

Zoom Protocol

Guidelines for using Zoom for Mothers’ Union meetings within our Diocese.