All Ireland Poetry Competition

Our next budding Wordsworth is Moira, Christ Church Lisburn MU, with her Highly Commended poem entitled:


The answer to Covid, it came to our aid –

When life as we knew it began to fade.

Locked down in our homes as if in a tomb

It flew to our rescue, our new friend called Zoom.

Experts galore, all those in the know

Appeared via Zoom, wise words to bestow.

Our ears tried to listen but eyes searched their room –

We’d become nosey parkers, abetted by Zoom.

Those curtains are awful, they don’t match that chair,

Their pictures show little artistic flair.

That pasty face smacks of weeks in the gloom,

Exposed in the harsh light glowing from Zoom.

Meetings appear as squares on the screen.

But….is it my turn, should I intervene?

What etiquette does this Zoom mode require?

And how do I choose appropriate attire?

Coffee on Zoom is a new way to meet,

With cuppa and cake in our favourite seat.

Glad to see one another, there’s laughter and hoots,

But we won’t dare to mention those growing-out roots!

Soon this time will pass, normal life will resume,

And we got through it all with our new friend called Zoom!

Moira, Christ Church Lisburn MU

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