All Ireland Poetry Competition Results

Back in June of this year, All Ireland Mothers’ Union ran a poetry competition and 3 members of Connor Diocese proved they could be the next budding Wordsworth!

Over the coming weeks, we are going to publish the 3 very successful poems and reveal the winners from within our own Diocese.

First up is  Margaret, Derriaghy MU, with her Highly Commended poem entitled:


Be careful what you wish for—

I want———————-

Just a day or two, or even a week—

Just a chance to do —nothing! Expect —no one!

No need for putting on a show—no need to bother!

No need to go out! No meetings! No hassle!

Just a chance to —chill—

That’s all that I seek.

Be careful what you wish for—-

I want———————

No decisions– clear my befuddled head—-

Run—-no, not run– just slouch around in nightclothes,

There’s no one there to see—- no one to judge!

No need to wash those dishes yet! No need to clean!

Just a chance to be—

Another me instead.

Be careful what you wish for—-

For now—-

Six months of doing nothing—-but still not at my will.

Stayed home—went nowhere—–saw no one—touched nothing!

Still mustn’t go out much. Still too many risks.

Who would have thought it— those long, long weeks ago

All chance was lost—–

When a man took ill?

– Margaret, Derriaghy MU, Connor

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