Easter Greetings from our DP

Dear Fellow Members,

Easter is my favourite time of the year. I really look forward to Easter Sunday when the greeting is ‘The Lord is risen’ and the response ‘He is risen indeed. Alleluia!’ I always want to shout that response at the top of my voice! So it is with great joy that I wish you all a happy and blessed Easter. I do hope you will be able to meet with friends and family and enjoy this wonderful season of the year.

We have just had the fantastic experience of visiting Amsterdam and seeing the 80 acres of tulips in the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens. These 7 million brilliant bulbs provide pure joy and inspiration. Each spring the Netherlands are flooded with travellers from all over the world whose primary aim is to experience the spectacular displays of colour, a stunning variety of shapes and delightful scents found at Keukenhof which has been billed as ‘the greatest flower show on earth’. There is a short window of only six weeks during which these magnificent blooms can be seen, and after that, the bulbs are all lifted and planning for the layout for the next year begins. I have tried to capture some of the beauty of the gardens in the above photograph.

Our gardens at home are now coming to life and there is much to see in the countryside. We are all impressed by the transformation that takes place annually as the seasons change from winter to spring. We in Mothers’ Union are also experiencing transformation. We have missed so many opportunities to meet with friends during the pandemic – now our meetings no longer need to be via zoom or socially distanced, and we can have that chat over a cup of tea that we all looked forward to.

But above all at this time of year, we think of the transformation from death to life at the glorious resurrection of our Lord. We rejoice continually in his glorious and triumphant victory over death.

May God richly bless you this Eastertide.

With my love,

Sally x

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