Worldwide Update

We should all have received our Spring copy of Connected and for those who are on email the e-newsletter.

Lots of information about how we are enabling members worldwide to support their communities in their many challenges through our donations to the Worldwide Fund.

Could I encourage you to read the following articles in Connected relating to Worldwide?

Page 4 – No one is fare until everyone is safe:

Page 16 – Dealing with detestation: the destructive impact of adverse weather conditions in Madagascar.

Page 44 – Hope for the Future: literacy projects have a ripple effect in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Some issues need to be solved at Government level. Read in the e-newsletter how the Provincial President of Madagascar gave a report to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, ( UNCSW) in New York about the devastating effects of Climate Change on Madagascar. She is asking for action from the world leaders to reduce the effects of climate change. There has been a drought for 40 years in Madagascar!

Let us continue to support families and communities worldwide to gain a better life.


Diocesan Worldwide Contact.

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