It’s Never Too Late – Women’s Aid Event

CEO Rosemary of Women’s Aid ABCLN along with Arlene and Tahnee from the ABCLN pictured with Irene and Joyce.

Irene and Joyce attended the Women’s Aid ABCLN’s ‘It’s Never Too Late’ exhibition with Spark Opera exploring the voices and experiences of older women affected by domestic abuse through art, on Thursday 30th June.  This was a very powerful exhibition of graphics, sculptures, photographs and film work capturing the pain and suffering of women affected by domestic violence.  The exhibition journey ends in the final photograph of the monochrome Chronology selection, with a burst of quiet colour, giving the viewer hope.  The whole exhibition underpins the message that ‘It’s never too late to ask for help.”

The CEO of Women’s Aid ABCLN Rosemary was a nurse and it was through her nursing experience that she realised how much women experiencing domestic abuse needed something better in their lives, they needed help. Rosemary commented that so much more could and should be done if only funding was available.

Kate Guelke, Artistic Director of Sparks Opera said they were proud to partner with Women’s Aid to enable older women to take ownership of their experiences and create a new narrative to increase awareness about domestic abuse. The project was supported by the N.I. Arts Council and the National Lottery.

Joyce reflects on one of the graphic prints ‘Promises, Promises’ that emphasises the meaninglessness of promises, repeated – the words, through repetition, have been emptied of all meaning.
CEO Rosemary of Women’s Aid ABCLN chatting to Irene and Joyce.

The exhibition will be available to view in one of the units just passed Next at The Junction Retail and Leisure Park, Antrim from Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th July, 11 am to 4 pm and Sunday 10th July from 1 pm to 4 pm

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